About Us

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Welcome to Mexican.Tienda!

Mexican.Tienda owners Javier and Jennifer Hernandez established the business in 2015 with the goal to offer a wide variety of traditional and authentic Mexican cheeses, candies, chorizo, pinole and other delicious products to the Cedar Creek Lake area and surrounding areas. One thing that truly is special and only available at Mexican.Tienda is Mennonite cheese, which was named for the original Mennonites cheese makers living in Chihuahua, Mexico. Not only do they offer delicious snacks, they also offer high quality meats such as chorizo and longaniza perfect to add with any dinner plan. Ready to get your delicious authentic snacks, cheeses, and meats? Make sure you stop by!

Mexican.Tienda is located at 502 S. 3rd St., in Mabank and can be reached at Mexican.tienda@outlook.com or by calling at 469-505-6292.
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Our Recipe for Success:

Quality Ingredients
Delicious Products
Hands-on Friendly Service